Ever since moving to West Richland in 1989, I’ve heard we are a “bedroom community.” However, in the sixteen years that I have served as a member of your city council, it’s been my belief that West Richlanders deserve far more than a place to come and go to sleep.

We deserve the same amenities as our neighbors including parks and recreational opportunities, retail shops, maintained roads, reliable city services, safe neighborhoods, good schools, and affordable taxes. Since I took office, we’ve provided all of these things and more. New grocery stores, restaurants, and professional offices, a new middle school with two more schools opening soon, a new municipal services building, and even West Richland’s first elevator and the city’s first stop light (sorry!) have arrived during my tenure. In 2014, the NerdWallet website listed West Richland as the second best community to raise a family in Washington, and the real estate blog Movato named us the sixth safest city.

West Richland is moving in the right direction thanks to the leadership that residents have elected and the expertise of the city staff in place. Let’s keep the positive momentum going. Re-elect Rich Buel.